plTools package includes binaries for plMapcalc, plForestFragment, plGeoAdaptels, plDarkSky, plClump4p, and QGIS plugin

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a QGIS plugin and binaries

The plTools package is a set of programs for spatial analysis. The package includes:

  • plMapcalc - raster layer calculator (web page, source);
  • plForestFragment - a program for calculating multi-scale forest fragmentation index (web page, source);
  • plGeoAdaptels - a program for calculating adaptels (superpixels) from geospatial data (source);
  • plDarkSky - a program for calculating light pollution using the Barry method (web page, source);
  • plClump4p - a program for creating connected components (clumps) based on a categorized geospatial layer (source).

plTools is available as a set of binary files for installation on Linux and Windows. In addition, it is made available as a QGIS plugin. Programs included in the plTools package can also be run from the command line or directly from QGIS.

The plTools package uses GDAL, PROJ, ezDGAL, Argtable3 and TCC.

The plTools installer copies the executable files to a directory accessible from the user level or to all users. One system variable, PLTOOLSPATH, is defined during installation, indicating the program directory. The installation does not modify any other system settings.

The programs included in plTools are available under the GPLv3 license.